The Most Useful eBook Reader Software Available

eBook Reader Software

Despite the fact that most eBook readers don’t require software to work out of the box, downloading eBook reader software can open your reader up to a greater variety of free content, and eBooks in a variety of different formats. Here’s a guide to the most useful reader software available out there, and how it can help you get the most out of your eBook reading device.

Official eBook Reader Software

First things first, it’s well worth taking a look at the eBook reader software developed by your eReader manufacturer. Although most eBook readers don’t require you to download any software to use the device, doing so means that you can keep a second copy of all the books you buy on your computer, and read them from there (most software syncs the last read page so you always know where you got up to).

Third Party Software

Calibre is an excellent software tool for those who want more control over the eBooks they buy. Although it works well to organize all of your eBooks and PDF files, it has a more useful function: it can convert eBook files into another format. This is a useful feature to have, given that eReaders such as the Kindle cannot read all formats. If you’d like to buy an eBook from a store other than the Kindle Store, buy it in ePub format and convert it using the Calibre software.

The software is also useful for converting PDF files. Despite the fact that most eBook readers have the ability to read PDFs, the experience is nowhere near as smooth as it is with standard eBook files. Simply convert the book using Calibre and you’ll get the benefit of a variety of font sizes, and text that fits better on the screen.

Stanza is another excellent tool for those who want to make it as easy as possible to find and download free eBooks and periodicals. It also has apps available for Android and iPhone so that you can read your eBooks on the go.

Note that you can also take advantage of the various eBook reader software out there to help format your own books correctly for eReaders. Self-publishing is becoming more and more popular as the popularity of eBook readers rise.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of free eBook reader software programs available to help you perform a variety of functions, and the benefit of many is that they’re completely free!

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